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One of the following must be used:

Access Airconditioning

Arrow Airconditioning

Balmoral Airconditioning


Project Manager & Making Good

Several owners are either overseas or want someone to run the upgrade for them and/or make good after the installer has finished (repair gyprock, paint etc). The following Project Manager has worked at Iora:

Plummnworx - Brett Robson
M: 0416 211 330
He can also arrange gyprocking and painting.

Or just painting:
Peter Armstrong (Asst Caretaker)
M: 0413 683 351

Owners of units 16, 19, 20, 23, 31, 32, 43, 46, 47, 48, 50 and 51  have been advised there was a need to relocate the brackets installed for their condensers because of the potential visual impact of the original positions. 

The changes are shown in the attached drawings East Block & North Block

The above owners are asked to please ensure that their installer is provided with the appropriate drawing for their block in addition to the full set of drawings available from the Iora  website.

PREPARING FOR SUMMER There are Strata Committee meetings scheduled for early August and early October.  If you want to have your AC upgrade installed before next summer you best have your by-law application considered at an EGM ahead of the August meeting.  Leaving it to October will mean you will be trying to get your upgrade done when the rest of the world is trying to do the same thing.  We urge you to make your by-law application in time to the August EGM – which means submitting it to Strata Partners by FRIDAY 11 JULY 2014. OVERSIZED CONDENSERS One installer has been able to offer an AC upgrade that installs the inside unit in the old AC cupboard.  However a problem with this configuration is that the condenser is oversized (1000mm x 370mm compared to our specification of 900mm x 350mm maximum).  As this is a low cost solution and likely to be preferred by a lot of owners we are prepared to be flexible for owners wanting to use this approach.  We have checked whether the oversized condenser can be used without interfering with neighbouring condensers.  To date it has not been a problem.  We will continue to examine each oversized condenser application and will approve provided it does not interfere with a neighbour’s condenser. If you want to make an application involving an oversized condenser associated with having the inside unit in the old AC cupboard, note that the condenser is oversized on the checklist you will submit with your application and we will see what we can do. RWD13 June 2014

Once you have received your Authority to Proceed and your installer is ready to start, please advise our caretaker Marc Wilkinson (0416 116 738) so he can set up lift and floor protection to minimise likelihood of common area damage.

Please click here to read this document

March 2014

We are completing project execution with only some temporary firestopping and cosmetic covers to be finalised.

Project execution has required some changes from what was originally planned.  To accommodate this, the DA Compliant Info Packs have been updated and are now available below.

Please download version 4 of the Info packs for your building. You will also need to download the corresponding installation drawings which are available separately.

Info Pack version 4 for DA UpgradeEAST BLOCK (Note Relocation of Condensers document above)

Info Pack version 4 for DA UpgradeNORTH BLOCK (Note Relocation of Condensers document above)

Info Pack version 4 for DA Upgrade SOUTH BLOCK

Info Pack version 4 for DA Upgrade WEST BLOCK

Info Pack for EXEMPTUpgrade


Installation Drawings for EAST BLOCK:

Building-3 MS-08.pdf

Building-3 MS-09.pdf

Building-3 MS-00.pdf

Building-3 MS-07.pdf

Installation Drawings for NORTH BLOCK:

Building-2 MS-06.pdf

Building-2 MS-05.pdf

Building-2 MS-04.pdf

Building-2 MS-00.pdf

Installation Drawings for SOUTH BLOCK:

Building-4 MS-10.pdf

Building-4 MS-11.pdf

Building-4 MS-12.pdf

Building-4 MS-00.pdf

Installation Drawings for WEST BLOCK:

Building-1 MS-03.pdf

Building-1 MS-02.pdf

Building-1 MS-01.pdf

Building-1 MS-00.pdf

Robert Dunn #8

9922 2371
18 March 2014



The holes, pipeways and condenser brackets will be indentified by unit number. 

Pipe clamps

Your installers will need to provide the clamps to fix pipe to pipe racks.

Temporary Firestopping

Your holes will be temporarily firestopped and your installers will have to remove the firestopping, install pipework then permanently firestop the hole and certify it has been done to the appropriate standard.

Foyer Inspection Hatches and Cosmetic Covers for Refuse Room Pipework

So installing the metal inspection hatches will not delay installers, the BC will purchase them and issue to installers with installation instructions.  The BC will paint the hatches at a later date.  Cosmetic covers for pipework in rubbish rooms to be one of the last things to be done.

Owners Responsibilities (extracted from the Info Packs available on the Iora website)

Just a reminder of BC requirements of you and your installer:

  • The sound level of the condenser should be no more than 52dB(A).  
  • Pipework insulation should meet specific requirements for a Class 2 building.  Your installer will need to confirm that the insulation proposed to be used is compliant with  Section J5 of the Building Code of Australia and will meet Fire Test criteria AS1530.3.
  • Only one condenser is to be installed per unit and the condenser size must not exceed 900mm width and 350mm depth. 
  • If your condenser uses 3 phase power no problem.  If single or double phase, your electrician will need to certify the electrical load was balanced when the electrical connection was made. 


Existing AC Upgrades

There are 2 types:

  • Those with condensers installed outside the plant room and sit on the membrane.  These will have to be raised off the membrane so that the membrane can be replaced or repaired in the future.
  • Those with condensers in the plant room.  Owners should consider moving these outside the plant room because the heat load on a hot summer day may cause the condensers to kick out.

The BC will have condenser brackets for purchase for these owners and will provide holes in the plant room wall for condensers to be moved out.

26 February 2014

Re: A/C upgrade/Exempt Development

Dear owners and occupiers,

Dan Deng, the acoustic engineer, inspected the A/C upgrade/Exempt Development units on Monday 23rd September.

See a copy of this report. It recommends/approves condenser locations from an acoustic standpoint. 

Thanks for your assistance,



Bill Thomas  #72


Read the By-Law