When moving any large furniture or large object in or out of Iora


Prior to the move

 You must provide written notice to the caretaker 7 clear working days before the move. Include the following

  • The proposed day and time of transporting or moving;
  • The name, address and contact number for the removalist or other contractor;
  • Whether the use of the lift is required and if so the proposed times of use;
  • Whether the ramp is required on the lobby steps and if so the proposed times of use.

 In accordance By-Law 1.7, Clause 4, there is a $1000.00 bond deposit payable to the Owners Corpoartion prior to the move commencing. Strata Partners will invoice you.

 When transporting or moving

  • Protect all affected lifts, glass, handrails, stairs, carpet, metal surfaces and paving.
  • Supervise any removalist or contractor you have engaged to ensure that they do not damage the common property or lot.
  • Rectify, at your own expense any damage caused to the common property or any other;
  • Remove any debris left on the common property or any other;
  • Clean any part of the common property or another lot;
  • Do not leave the garage and lobby doors open and unattended while transporting or moving.
  • Ensure that any vehicle on the common property or within any car space does not exceed four (4) tonnes or 1.96 metres in height.  If such a limit will be exceeded, the vehicle must not enter the common property and must be parked on Kiara Close to facilitate the transportation or moving and must not block the driveway, entrance gates or the roundabout on Kiara Close.
  • Transportation or moving can take place only be between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Permission to move on a Saturday will be subject to further security and conditions.


Once the new ByLaw is published, there will be a link to the moving in/out bylaw where you will be able to read the full details.